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Talpa Holding is the holding company for John de Mol's media activities. Ever since the company was founded in 2005, it has positioned itself as a ‘full-service’ content company where creation, production, distribution and broadcasting form the basis for various platforms.

Talpa Holding is, among others, the owner of Talpa Radio, which is, with radio stations like Radio 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio and Radio Veronica, the largest music entertainment company in the Netherlands.

Talpa Holding is owner of SBS Nederland which operates four TV channels: SBS6, SBS9, NET5 and Veronica.

Talpa Media, a previous branch of Talpa Holding, was incorporated by the British company ITV in 2015. John de Mol is still responsible for the creation and production of the (television) formats and concepts. Their largest production is The Voice, first broadcast in 2010. Since then, over 65 local adaptations have been made of this production. It’s broadcast in no less than 180 countries.

John de Mol (born in 1955) is the creator of several worldwide blockbuster formats, such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal and The Voice. For the latter, he has won four Emmy Awards.


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